Morgan King and Whitney Carr


To Good Day Tri-Cities Co-Hosts Morgan King and Whitney Carr, Horizon Credit Union represents everything community banking should be here in the Tri-Cities.

“I like to do business with people who do business with us,” says King, explaining that since Horizon Credit Union began sponsoring the show, he’s personally decided to get his car loan, consolidation loan, and checking account with Horizon Credit Union. “They were so kind and so easy to work with, and it was just great.”

He admits when they were rst planning to meet about the possible sponsorship for Good Day Tri-Cities – a show that’s been on the air just over the year – he was less than thrilled about the prospect of meeting with “bank people.” But the meeting de ed expectations – and a great relationship was born.

“When we went and sat down with Beverly, she was just amazing; I loved her,” King says.

“It wasn’t like a meeting; it was just sitting, talking to friends, and that’s how it’s always been.”

These days, Beverly Boling – CEO and President of Horizon Credit Union – joins them on the show’s homey set every Monday to talk about personal nance-related issues like mortgages and car loans; they call it “Moolah Monday”.

“It wasn’t like a meeting; it was just sitting, talking to friends, and that’s how it’s always been.”

She and her team are what Carr calls “the heart behind the credit union” – people who radiate the kind of warm, fuzzy feeling that people just don’t typically expect from a bank.

Carr says it was that Mayberry feeling that encouraged her to get a much-needed car loan that she’d been putting o ; the quick and simple process gave her so much con dence that she says she went into the dealership like “Wonder Whitney” to buy her new car.

So “Wonder Whitney” was her costume on a recent Halloween show – and Boling was “Aunt Bea” – a classic television character who embodies the small-town charm of a ctional Southern community. It’s a label that sticks, apparently, all year long.

“Before they even became a sponsor of the show, from our initial meeting with them I knew that was where I was going to start banking because of how I felt so connected to Bev and what they were doing,” Carr says. “Good people, they really are.”

Good Day Tri-Cities is a local television show that starts the day with lighthearted, upbeat topics, shying away from politics and hard news to focus on entertainment, business, lifestyle, and events. It features bits of culture like local chefs and fashion to events like festivals, footraces, and fundraisers.

The hour-long show airs Monday through Friday on WKPT at 9 a.m. and again on MeTV at 4 p.m. They go live behind the scenes every morning on Facebook, and the show also has a website at

For King, a Kingsport native and a longtime television and radio personality in the Tri-Cities region, starting the show was like going home – and so is working with Horizon Credit Union as its main sponsor.

“It’s a perfect match,” he says. “It’s just like a little family atmosphere.”