Employee Spotlight – Jeff Lane

Jeff LaneLike many of us, Jeff wears a lot of hats too, and that’s another reason why we continue to grow and expand our horizons. There is something deeper too about Jeff – you can hear him almost anywhere these days as he’s quite the musician and singer/songwriter.

You might say that Jeff is a true Southern Gentleman. He is slow to speak, looks you right in the eyes and has a true passion to learn as much as he can from each industry expert he encounters. Jeff came to the credit union with a distinctive set of talents; he is a successful entrepreneur, a restauranteur, marketing pro, digital media consultant and a brilliant part of our marketing and information technology departments.

A graduate of Sullivan North High School, Jeff’s career has made him quite the renaissance man. He has grown through the many experiences and lessons that life teaches us, both the good and the bad. Jeff is highly focused and describes his job as constant change as he deals with compliance issues and the many changing facets of credit union cyber security.

“When I first started working with Beverly as a marketing consultant several years ago, I always enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere. I quickly realized that everybody working at the credit union, even Bev, was just plain-ole good people with a passion for helping people with their finances. In other words, no big corporate attitudes or airs, like you would expect from a typical financial institution. It wasn’t long before I was working on so many different projects that Beverly and COO Mark Drinnon created a position for me. The new IT/Marketing Director job was the first of its kind for Horizon Credit Union. From the onset of my career here I haven’t had a dull moment, especially on the Information Technology side of the job. Nonetheless, it feels great to be a part of a team where everyone carries their own weight and cares tremendously about the credit union Members. When you work with a team that succeeds like that, it makes you feel that together we can make Horizon Credit Union an awesome financial institution that people will actually enjoy using.”

Your security and your privacy are one of the most important day – to – day concerns at Horizon Credit Union. Whether it is a technology issue, an online system, a mobile application, or any other connection to your finances, Jeff is consistently working behind the scenes with multiple vendors to ensure smooth delivery and data encryption for a safe transaction. Jeff has a passion to do it right the first time and will respond immediately when needed to solve a problem.

Jeff is a Kingsport native and is a truly talented member of our team. For twenty years he’s worked and performed all over the country and when he’s not on the job at Horizon Credit Union, you can find him on a stage with one of his many musical projects, including “Hundred Acres”, “Real Life Heavies” and the “Fabulous Flying J’s”

You can contact Jeff at Horizon Credit Union at jlane@myhcu.org or visit Jeff online at www.jefflanesongwriter.com.