Morgan King and Whitney Carr

Morgan King and Whitney Carr first met the Horizon Credit Union team when they co-hosted Good Day Tri-Cities on WKPT, TV. Morgan admits that when he and Whitney were headed to their first meeting they were a little skeptical about meeting with “banking people”. However, much to their surprise, when they met Beverly and Mark, they were mesmerized by the passion that they both displayed towards Horizon Credit Union and their members. “It was just like sitting down and talking with old friends about people they love. That dynamic hasn’t changed one bit over a year later and today we are honored to be a part of their story,” Whitney says.

Whitney and Morgan enjoy having Beverly, Mark, and Horizon Credit Union staff members on the show each week. “One of the biggest highlights was our Halloween Show. Morgan dressed as Colonel Sanders, Whitney as Elly May, and Beverly as Aunt Bea. “We had a blast and our viewers talked for weeks about Aunt Bea,” beamed Whitney. Sadly in January of 2017, the station went off the air, and their show ended.

The story of this friendship and partnership did not end with the show, as a matter of fact, that was only the beginning. Not long after Whitney and Morgan made a public announcement about the cancellation, both Angela Baker, Publisher, and Angelica Ares, Creative Director, from VIPSEEN Magazine, contacted them and asked for a meeting to discuss new and exciting possibilities! Little did they know at the time VIPSEEN was looking to add a digital/video element to the already popular publication. Surging social media trends paired with the popularity of the magazine and the popularity of Whitney and Morgan equaled the perfect opportunity to introduce a new concept in marketing to this region: Social Media Influencers. And, just like that, Whitney and Morgan were back on the “air”. They travel the Tri-Cities with their trusty equipment broadcasting VIPSEEN Live! with Whitney and Morgan. The duo provides their followers a bird’s eye view of some of the biggest events VIPSEEN attends. This new endeavor has allowed Whitney and Morgan to, once again, partner with their good friends, and Horizon Credit Union was back on board as VIPSEEN Live!’s very first Red Carpet Event Sponsor. Being the Red Carpet Event Sponsor also meant that the Horizon team often joined Whitney and Morgan at featured Tri-Cities events. Whitney is quick to say that Beverly is the heart behind Horizon Credit Union.

Every Thursday, Whitney and Morgan can be “SEEN” live on a new, exciting adventure or sometimes just sitting around casually talking with Horizon Credit Union. “We really enjoy talking about, as well as, educating our social followers about Horizon Credit Union’s ‘Live-A-Lot’ loan service with Beverly, Mark, and the HCU team. This campaign was a fun one! We made the most of it and showcased multiple activities people enjoy doing and parlayed it into the ‘Live-A-Lot’ loans program. Although several standout, I would have to say the most memorable adventure would have to be the zip lining adventure. You’ll have to ask Bev about that one or better yet, you can still check it out on our Facebook page. The absolute best part of each and every segment was showing viewers what Horizon Credit Union can and wanted to do for them,” Morgan tells us with a huge smile on his face.

Whitney and Morgan both love and trust Horizon Credit Union so much that they have financed their recent vehicle purchases with Horizon Credit Union. Morgan is proud to say, “I have moved everything to Horizon Credit Union! I love it here!” They are quick to say that as soon as they left the initial meeting, they joined Horizon Credit Union. “I felt so connected to Bev and what Horizon Credit Union stands for. They are really good people who want to help people improve their lives,” professes Whitney.

Morgan King, a Kingsport native, first began his broadcasting career being a Weatherman and Radio personality. His career has enabled him to know or be known by practically everyone in this area. Morgan was so surprised to know that his long time friend, Vicky Fields heads up the Mortgage Lending Center at Horizon Credit Union. Morgan says emphatically, “I love these people and I love Horizon Credit Union. I am excited that they are real people who are available when I call or stop by. There is always a welcome for you too,” Morgan states. “I have sent lots of my friends and family to Horizon Credit Union. Why? Because I know that they will take care of them, treat them right, and send them home with a smile!” Morgan’s journey that has led him to where he is today has been an adventure in itself. Many people would be surprised to know that he used to be a hair stylist; was Amish for a year; owned a costume store and many other interesting career paths along the way. Morgan exemplifies the very definition of “living a lot”!  

“People think I work at Horizon Credit Union. Beverly, Mark, and Dee Dee are people who are sincerely genuine and warm. I want people to know that they are considered part of my family,” Whitney adds.

Whitney is a wife, mother of three, and well-known in the region for helping homeless pets. She is a native of Rogersville. She realized she wanted to pursue a career as a host so Whitney promptly called WKPT and asked to meet with them. Fortunately, they had been considering starting a morning show and were seeking hosts. “Timing is everything,” says Whitney. “I was fortunate to be paired with my co-host, Morgan King.” Whitney says that Morgan is like her big brother, and has taught her the ropes. Morgan tells us that Whitney is his perfect sidekick! Together with Horizon Credit Union they will have a long, successful relationship. Horizon Credit Union, VIPSEEN Live! and VIPSEEN Tri-Cities Magazine – a Picture Perfect Match!

William and Deborah Sousa

Buying a home is a dream for many people. Often a person might think that a dream home is
unattainable or that the paperwork and process would be so stressful and difficult that it might not ever

Employee Spotlight – Melissa Roark

When CEO Mark Drinnon introduced Melissa Roark to Horizon Credit Union, she knew instantly that this was the place she needed to be working. After discussing employment with her husband, Melissa felt it was time for a change in her life; it was time to find a new direction and to accomplish the dreams she had held onto for many years.

“I said a little prayer and asked God to put me where He wanted me,” she explained, “and I’ve never looked back.”

Horizon Credit Union gave her the opportunity to reach the goals that she had set back in the 1990s for herself and her life’s vocation. With smiles, a personal touch and Member Services that goes above and beyond, Melissa has found her calling in life.

Mount Carmel Branch Manager Melissa Roark has been at Horizon Credit Union for three years now and has worked hard to make the new Mount Carmel Branch of Horizon Credit Union friendly, inviting and comfortable for both employees and members who enter the doors.

“Our members are greeted with a smile, a wave, and the use of their name,” explained Melissa. “We get to know our people and treat them just like they’re family members. Our members feel comfortable, know that they’ll be treated with kindness, and that their wants and needs will be actively heard.”

Hailing from the Keplar section of Hawkins County, Melissa brings with her values that many larger institutions don’t have.

“We give personal attention to our members that sets us apart,” she continued. From dancing in the lobby with the child of a member to undivided attention to members who want to see their dreams come true, Melissa and her staff set the atmosphere as soon as members come through the doors. Working from a background of honesty and integrity, Melissa and her staff find answers and solutions quickly and efficiently for their members.

Back in the early 90s I decided that I wanted to make loans, Melissa shared. “I love helping people and seeing the look on their faces when I save them money or help them get something that they want or need is priceless.”

And Melissa doesn’t just look at the “numbers.” She considers payment history, income and job stability as she works on securing a loan for a member. “Our members are not just a name or a number; they are part of our extended family,” said

Melissa. “I work diligently to help people reach their goals.”

Horizon Credit Union offers savings and checking accounts, loans, CDs, IRAs and direct deposit services for its members.

“We have everything that all of the other financial institutions have, but we add a hometown touch that they don’t have. We

call our members by name and consider them family.” Balancing personal and professional strategies, Melissa Roark is making a difference in the financial lives of her members at Horizon Credit Union

Joe and Paula Lynch

Joe Lynch with his new truck

To Joe and Paula Lynch, working with a financial institution that provides a “down-home” feel and customer service that is second to none has been important to them for 30-plus years.

One of Joe’s former employers used Horizon Credit Union and when he looked for a financial partner to handle his personal business, he chose a company he knew to be devoted to honesty, integrity and reliability. The exceptional history that they have with Horizon Credit Union, the convenience of the services, and the respect that they receive as customers has made all the difference to them.

“They still have that down-home, friendly, welcoming attitude that many other companies have lost,” explained Paula. “With Horizon Credit Union, you’re not just a name or a number,” she continued. “They are friendly and seem to really care about your feelings, your hopes and your dreams.” With growth usually comes a more institutional feel but Horizon has captured the essence of your home town with a touch of friendliness.

“The services that we use are banking, checking, and the loan department,” added Joe. “By banking online and with the phone we can handle all of our financial needs quickly and efficiently.”

Knowing that true professionals are in charge of maintaining their personal finances gives Joe and Paula a sense of confidence as they work toward goals for their lives. They continue to explore the services offered by Horizon Credit Union so that they can improve on their financial stability and expand their asset portfolio.

One of their favorite employees is Horizon Credit Union Branch Manager, Melissa Roark. “She’s professional but personal,” explained Paula,” and she maintains a good balance between the two.

She’s down-to-earth and she really cared about what we wanted and needed.” In fact, Melissa completed a loan transaction for Joe and Paula within a day. “It was like we were her only customers; we felt like we were her top priority. There were other folders on her desk but we had her undivided attention,” Paula shared.

In today’s economy, finding a Credit Union like Horizon that is trustworthy, up-front, and transparent is an asset for any family. Joe and Paula feel that their experience with Horizon Credit Union is comparable to a neighbor trying to help. “Melissa went above and beyond our expectations,” Joe said, “She went out of her way to help us and even expressed an interest in seeing pictures of what we had bought.”

Paula and Joe explained that with Horizon Credit Union there are no hidden fees and you can trust the information provided to you by the staff. Having peace of mind with any financial transaction is priceless and the service at Horizon is rated by Joe and Paula Lynch to be superior and unsurpassed in the financial sector.

Willis and Alison Shaffer

Alison Shaffer

Alison Shaffer opened up a savings account at Horizon Credit Union after beginning her career with the City of Kingsport. Today, she is glad she made that decision ten years ago to join the Horizon Credit Union family.

Cindy Humphrey

Cindy Humphrey

For Cindy Humphrey, Horizon Credit Union’s active efforts to support those in uniform has made it a valuable partner, both personally and professionally.

Whitney Carr and Morgan King

Morgan and Whitney Carr

To Good Day Tri-Cities Co-Hosts Morgan King and Whitney Carr, Horizon Credit Union represents everything community banking should be here in the Tri-Cities.

Jim Cline

Jim Cline is an insurance and financial services agent with Farmers Insurance. He’s been a member of Horizon Credit Union for 28 years and thanks his wife, Elizabeth for introducing him to the credit union. He enjoys that HCU treats their members as if they were family.

Graham Clark

After 25+ years, Graham Clark admits that going to Horizon Credit Union and spending time with the employees always puts a smile on his face. Sure, the personal banking is great because HCU always takes care of him, but it’s the smiles, hugs and occasional dance that keeps him coming back.

Nathan & Michelle Simpson

Building a home can be an exciting, but stressful time for most couples. When Nathan and Michelle Simpson from Church Hill decided to start construction on their new home in Surgoinsville, they turned to Horizon Credit Union.