Cindy Humphrey


Cindy Humprey at the 2016 Tri-Cities Military Affairs Banquet where she was recognized as 2016 Veteran of the Year.

For Cindy Humphrey, Horizon Credit Union’s active efforts to support those in uniform has made it a valuable partner, both personally and professionally.

“I found out about Horizon Credit Union because they were affiliated with the Tri-Cities Military Affairs Council,” she says. “So then I kind of joined up with them – a kind of ‘you support us, we support you’ kind of thing – and since I’ve joined I’ve learned a lot about Horizon Credit Union and how they’re trying to help the underserved in the area.”

“That just speaks to me because I’m all about serving others…so I kind of wanted to jump on the bandwagon and see how I could help.”

Humphrey has been in the military for 24 years and is currently a First Sergeant, in charge of a Nashville-based unit of the Tennessee Army National Guard. She also works as a contractor with the National Guard’s employment program as an employment specialist. She helps veterans and their families in a 14-county region to nd jobs.

She says Horizon Credit Union has been there from the start for the Tri-Cities Military Affairs Council, a 4-year-old nonprofit that brings together veterans’ organizations around the Tri-Cities region to assist area veterans and speak about local veterans’ issues with a unified voice.

“They’ve been a partner from day one,” she says of Horizon Credit Union. “They host our website for us. They always are there to help. When we have functions, they’re always there to participate…. It’s more than just donating; it’s the time and effort and people helping each other.”

It was because of Horizon Credit Union’s work with the Tri-Cities Military Affairs Council, Humphrey says, that she decided to become a member. She now serves as secretary of Horizon Credit Union Board of Directors.

In addition to its involvement there, she says, Horizon Credit Union also goes out of its way to be part of the community in other ways – from the friendly and personable atmosphere at local branches to the active effort to help people who might not be served by a traditional bank.

“Credit unions are a little easier to assist people that have dinged up credit or stuff like that,” she says. “With a credit union, it’s member-owned – and we take care of our own, and we kind of help make things a little bit easier.”

“We’ve reached out now…trying to reach out and help as many people as we can with different types of services.”

And she says that the partnership with Horizon Credit Union has also helped her in her day job, hooking her up with employers’ job announcements that she can promote in the region, helping to match veterans with available jobs.

Horizon Credit Union’s involvement to help in various ways has been something very positive for the community, she says – both for those who have served and for the Tri-Cities region more broadly.

“They’re amazing, and just that support of our veterans speaks volumes to their character and the way they want to serve the community as well.”

“It just puts Horizon Credit Union on a pedestal above a lot of organizations because they’re always there to help, especially with the Tri-Cities Military Affairs Council,” Humphrey says. “They’re amazing, and just that support of our veterans speaks volumes to their character and the way they want to serve the community as well.”