Graham Clark

Graham Clark with HCU staff

Graham Clark with HCU staff

Graham Clark of Kingsport readily admits that going to Horizon Credit Union and spending time with the employees there always puts a smile on his face.

Graham has been a member of Horizon credit union for approximately 25 years and initially opened up an account there because it was close to Dobyns-Bennett High School. At that time the credit union was located on the corner of Eastman and Fort Henry Drive, and it was an easy walk from the high school. Graham spends a lot of time at the school, considering he’s worked there for 34 years and has been the head football coach at Dobyns-Bennett for 23 years.

He’s been known to jog from Dobyns-Bennett to the downtown Kingsport branch on Clay Street. He said everyone at the credit union always gives him a big welcome when he comes in through the door. Regardless of how much he’s sweating when he gets there, he said with a laugh.

Going to the credit union, whether I’m driving or walking, is worth it because of the friendly smiles and cup of coffee I receive when I walk into the building.

He has several accounts with Horizon Credit Union and said they’ve always found a way to make a loan work out for him whenever he needed one. One time when he inquired about a loan was when his daughter was getting married, and in the midst of planning, he realized at the last minute he needed to repave his driveway for the occasion. The helpful employees at Horizon Credit Union took care of the loan for him and he was able to repave his driveway before her wedding.

“It must be a great place to bank and work because I’ve seen the same smiling faces helping me there over the years and it seems like no one ever ages,” Graham said with a laugh. “I would travel to the Mount Carmel branch if it was the only one open, because that’s how much I think of the people there and how much I enjoy going to the credit union.”

Graham states he goes there for his personal banking business because they always take care of his needs, but it’s the smiles, hugs and occasional dance that keep him coming back.