Jim Cline

Jim Cline

Jim Cline

Jim Cline of Kingsport is an insurance and financial services agent with Farmers Insurance. He’s been a member of Horizon Credit Union for 28 years and thanks his wife, Elizabeth for introducing him to the credit union.

Jim’s wife and her mom taught in the Kingsport City school system and were members of Horizon Credit Union when they first met. He recalls the first time he went with her to the credit union and it was located in the basement of a city building. After they married it was already predetermined they would do all their banking at the credit union and now Jim is grateful for that decision.

He started his business 21 years ago and has always kept his business accounts with Horizon Credit Union. Jim is quick to say that the best thing about having all his personal and business accounts there is the personal attention he receives every single time he walks in the credit union.

“Because of the longevity of most the employees, they get to know all their members and know each by name. Everyone at the credit union has always taken care of my banking needs. My entire family goes to the credit union for loans and I’ve worked with Tammy White at the credit union over the years and she always makes the procedure easy. I have three daughters and all of them have accounts there. I’ve used the credit union for every loan I’ve had the past 20 years,” said Jim.

In a fast-paced world with so many changes always taking place, it’s nice to know that some businesses stay the same in the way they treat people, regardless of their growth.

Jim is happy to see that his daughters are starting their adult life by becoming members at Horizon Credit Union. His daughter, Katie, recently graduated from nursing school and got her first home mortgage loan from Horizon. It’s become a family tradition for the entire Cline family to become members there.

“They feel like a part of our family. I referred them to a neighbor and my neighbor loved them. You always hope when you refer someone to a business that they receive the same treatment. It was nice to know from my neighbor’s experience that they give personable attention to everyone who walks through their door. The entire staff goes above and beyond expectations.”

Jim served on the board of directors for many years and is excited to see the growth, development and changes taking place there. He’s enthusiastic about the opening of their new branch in Mount Carmel and new spacious location on N. Eastman Road in Kingsport.

“In a fast-paced world with so many changes always taking place, it’s nice to know that some businesses stay the same in the way they treat people, regardless of their growth.”

He laughingly states that he still likes to receive a paper statement each month to reconcile his bank accounts, but the credit union does offer easy-to-use online banking. With three daughters, he talks about how he often goes inside the office on Clay Street to move money to their accounts and how simple that process is every time he goes there. With a large family, running a business and a farmer co-op, he enjoys the easy accessibility that comes from being a member of Horizon Credit Union. As he recommended Horizon to his neighbor, Jim wants other people to experience the personal attention that the entire Cline family has experienced over the years.