Joe and Paula Lynch

Joe Lynch with his new truck

To Joe and Paula Lynch, working with a financial institution that provides a “down-home” feel and customer service that is second to none has been important to them for 30-plus years.

One of Joe’s former employers used Horizon Credit Union and when he looked for a financial partner to handle his personal business, he chose a company he knew to be devoted to honesty, integrity and reliability. The exceptional history that they have with Horizon Credit Union, the convenience of the services, and the respect that they receive as customers has made all the difference to them.

“They still have that down-home, friendly, welcoming attitude that many other companies have lost,” explained Paula. “With Horizon Credit Union, you’re not just a name or a number,” she continued. “They are friendly and seem to really care about your feelings, your hopes and your dreams.” With growth usually comes a more institutional feel but Horizon has captured the essence of your home town with a touch of friendliness.

“The services that we use are banking, checking, and the loan department,” added Joe. “By banking online and with the phone we can handle all of our financial needs quickly and efficiently.”

Knowing that true professionals are in charge of maintaining their personal finances gives Joe and Paula a sense of confidence as they work toward goals for their lives. They continue to explore the services offered by Horizon Credit Union so that they can improve on their financial stability and expand their asset portfolio.

One of their favorite employees is Horizon Credit Union Branch Manager, Melissa Roark. “She’s professional but personal,” explained Paula,” and she maintains a good balance between the two.

She’s down-to-earth and she really cared about what we wanted and needed.” In fact, Melissa completed a loan transaction for Joe and Paula within a day. “It was like we were her only customers; we felt like we were her top priority. There were other folders on her desk but we had her undivided attention,” Paula shared.

In today’s economy, finding a Credit Union like Horizon that is trustworthy, up-front, and transparent is an asset for any family. Joe and Paula feel that their experience with Horizon Credit Union is comparable to a neighbor trying to help. “Melissa went above and beyond our expectations,” Joe said, “She went out of her way to help us and even expressed an interest in seeing pictures of what we had bought.”

Paula and Joe explained that with Horizon Credit Union there are no hidden fees and you can trust the information provided to you by the staff. Having peace of mind with any financial transaction is priceless and the service at Horizon is rated by Joe and Paula Lynch to be superior and unsurpassed in the financial sector.