Melissa Roark brings a ‘hometown touch’ to Mount Carmel branch

When Chief Operating Officer Mark Drinnon introduced Melissa Roark to Horizon Credit Union, she knew instantly that this was the place she needed to be working. After discussing employment with her husband, Melissa felt it was time for a change in her life; it was time to find a new direction and to accomplish the dreams she had held onto for many years.

“I said a little prayer and asked God to put me where He wanted me,” she explained, “and I’ve never looked back.” Horizon Credit Union gave her the opportunity to reach the goals that she had set back in the 1990s for herself and her life’s vocation. With smiles, a personal touch and customer service that goes above and beyond, Melissa has found her calling in life.

Mount Carmel Branch Manager Melissa Roark has been at Horizon Credit Union for three years now and has worked hard to make the new Mount Carmel Branch of Horizon Credit Union friendly, inviting and comfortable for both employees and customers who enter the doors.

“Our members are greeted with a smile, a wave, and the use of their name,” explained Melissa. “We get to know our people and treat them just like they’re family members. Our members feel comfortable, know that they’ll be treated with kindness, and that their wants and needs will be actively heard.”

Hailing from the Keplar section of Hawkins County, Melissa brings with her values that many larger institutions don’t have.

“We give personal attention to our members that sets us apart,” she continued. From dancing in the lobby with the child of a member to undivided attention to members who want to see their dreams come true, Melissa and her staff set the tone of the atmosphere as soon as members come through the doors. Working from a background of honesty and integrity, Melissa and her staff find answers and solutions quickly and efficiently for their members.

“Back in the early 90s I decided that I wanted to do loans,” Melissa shared. “I love helping people and seeing the look on their faces when I save them money or help them get something that they want or need is priceless.”

And Melissa doesn’t just look at the “numbers.” She considers payment history, income and job stability as she works on securing a loan for a member. “Our members are not just a name or a number; they are part of our extended family,” said Melissa. “I work diligently to help people reach their goals.”

Horizon Credit Union offers savings and checking accounts, loans, CDs, IRAs and direct deposit services for its members.

“We have everything that all of the other financial institutions have, but we add a hometown touch that they don’t have. We call our members by name and consider them family.”

With a great balance between personal and professional strategies, Melissa Roark is making a difference in the financial lives of her members at Horizon Credit Union.