Member Stories

Our members success is our success. We take pride in that.

Morgan King and Whitney Carr

Morgan King and Whitney Carr first met the Horizon Credit Union team when they co-hosted Good Day Tri-Cities on WKPT, TV. Morgan admits that when he and Whitney were headed to their first meeting they were a little skeptical about meeting with “banking people”.

William and Deborah Sousa

Buying a home is a dream for many people. Often a person might think that a dream home is unattainable or that the paperwork and process would be so stressful and difficult that it might not ever happen.

Employee Spotlight - Melissa Roark

When CEO Mark Drinnon introduced Melissa Roark to Horizon Credit Union, she knew instantly that this was the place she needed to be working.

Joe and Paula Lynch

To Joe and Paula Lynch, working with a financial institution that provides a “down-home” feel and customer service that is second to none has been important to them for 30-plus years.
Willis and Alison Shaffer

Alison Shaffer

Alison Shaffer opened up a savings account at Horizon Credit Union after beginning her career with the City of Kingsport. Today, she is glad she made that decision ten years ago to join the Horizon Credit Union family.
Cindy Humphrey

Cindy Humphrey

For Cindy Humphrey, Horizon Credit Union’s active efforts to support those in uniform has made it a valuable partner, both personally and professionally.
Whitney Carr and Morgan King

Morgan and Whitney Carr

To Good Day Tri-Cities Co-Hosts Morgan King and Whitney Carr, Horizon Credit Union represents everything community banking should be here in the Tri-Cities.

Jim Cline

Jim Cline is an insurance and financial services agent with Farmers Insurance. He’s been a member of Horizon Credit Union for 28 years and thanks his wife, Elizabeth for introducing him to the credit union. He enjoys that HCU treats their members as if they were family.

Graham Clark

After 25+ years, Graham Clark admits that going to Horizon Credit Union and spending time with the employees always puts a smile on his face. Sure, the personal banking is great because HCU always takes care of him, but it's the smiles, hugs and occasional dance that keeps him coming back.