What’s a Credit Union?

A credit union is a non-profit, member-owned financial institution. Credit unions are different from other financial institution for three fundamental reasons:

The first is that credit union members share a common bond. This can be employment, association, or living in the community (only for credit unions with a community charter). This is a broader concept of people helping people which is why credit unions began over 130 years ago. Folks come together with common interests and some want to save and some to borrow. In the mix the credit union system works for America and many other countries in the world.

The second and biggest difference is that the members own the credit union. You, the member, elect a Board of Directors from among yourselves to set policies, ensure soundness, and generally run the credit union for the other members.

Finally, the credit union is a non-profit. We take all profits and return them to members in the form of dividends or services. We are required, however, to keep certain amounts of profits set aside to cover potential losses.

It is our goal to make you feel like an “owner” every time you conduct business at the credit union.