Our Dedicated Staff

Do you like feeling like you belong somewhere when you first walk in a place? This is the atmosphere you will feel when you walk into Horizon Credit Union.

We see you as One of the Family and want you to know that at Horizon Credit Union we truly care about you and your finances. Our goal is to be your “Financial Confidant” so when you need financial advice or a loan, you can call us and know you are talking with a trusted friend.

At Horizon Credit Union you will speak to an actual staff member when you call. We do not use automated answering services. The staff at the credit union takes pride in serving our members. We are a credit union that still believes in the philosophy of “People Helping People”. We are in the business of helping our members, especially with loans. We look for ways to make you the loan you need, not just be a business.

The credit union is led by CEO Mark Drinnon, who has been an employee of the credit union since 2013. Mark is no stranger to Horizon Credit Union or banks and credit unions in East Tennessee. He started working for Horizon in 2013 and brings over 40 years of experience in the lending and compliance fields.

He is a life-long resident of East Tennessee and has three children with his wife Teresa, who is the Personnel Supervisor of Hawkins County Schools.

Diana Baker is the Chief Financial Officer. She has been employed with Horizon Credit Union since 1988. “Dee Dee”, as she is referred to, is responsible for all accounting functions.

Carrie Bowman is the Operations Officer. She has been employed with Horizon Credit Union since 1993 and is responsible for branch operations and membership services.

Jeff Lane is the Information Technology Director. Jeff has been with Horizon Credit Union since January 2014. Jeff is responsible for all IT functions within the credit union network. Jeff previously served as Marketing Director and still assists the Marketing Team with his expertise.

Horizon Credit Union’s Director of Mortgage Lending is Vicky Fields. Vicky has over 35 years of mortgage lending experience. She knows how to make a mortgage loan fit your needs!

Loan Officers:
Carrie Bowman, Crown Point Branch
Tammy Gray, Crown Point Branch
Melissa Woods, Mount Carmel Branch

Mortgage Loan Officers:
Vicky Fields, Crown Point Branch

Feel free to e-mail us any suggestions or comments.