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New CEO Mark Drinnon leads Horizon Credit Union into its 90th year

Mark Drinnon became the President/CEO of Horizon Credit Union on October 1st, 2021 after CEO Beverly Boling retired in September.

Mark is no stranger to Horizon Credit Union or banks and credit unions in East Tennessee. He started working for Horizon in 2013 and brings over 40 years of experience in the lending and compliance fields.

He is a life-long resident of East Tennessee and has three children with his wife Teresa, who is the Personnel Supervisor of Hawkins County Schools.

Three Questions with Mark Drinnon:

Q: What is your background and history in the finance world?

A: August 5th marked my 41st year in banking. During this time, I have worked for 3 banks: First American, Bank of Tennessee and First Community Bank. The second half of my career has been divided into two credit unions. ACFCU was the first and HCU will be the last!

Q: Do you plan to make any big changes here at HCU?

A: No, I really don’t. Bev had a good thing going here and we will try to keep it moving forward. Of course, we’ll always work to make things better, but if something isn’t broke, there’s no need to fix it.

Q: What do you think the future holds for HCU?

A: I think the future for HCU looks very bright. We have a great staff and there is a tremendous opportunity for membership growth here, with all the untapped potential that I know is out there. We will celebrate our 90-year anniversary in 2022. Not a lot of financial institutions can say that!

Additional Leadership Updates

Dee Dee Baker will continue in her current role as Chief Financial Officer. She has served Horizon Credit Union for 33 years. She will assist Drinnon with decisions and directions and provide guidance with investments, financial planning, and more so that the credit union can continue to grow and serve its members.

Carrie Bowman rounds out the management team. She has been with Horizon Credit Union for 28 years and continues as Branch Operations Manager and Bank Secrecy Act Officer, overseeing all branches, staffing, and operations.

Horizon Credit Union’s President/CEO Beverly Boling announces retirement after 42 years

Wednesday, August 4th, 2021
Kingsport, Tennessee

Horizon Credit Union’s President/CEO Beverly Boling has announced her plans to retire this year after 42 years of service to members of the credit union. Her retirement will be effective September 30, 2021.

“This credit union has been so important to me over the years,” Boling said. “I believe in the philosophy of the credit union industry, which is ‘people helping people.’ The most rewarding aspect of my career has been seeing that philosophy at work in three generations at Horizon Credit Union.”

Boling began her career in 1979 at what was then the Municipal Employees Credit Union, in the basement of the former city hall on Center Street. During her tenure, she has seen the credit union grow from having under $500,000 in assets to $65 million. She was instrumental in the 1999 merger of Kingsport Postal and Federal Credit Union to form First Kingsport Credit Union, which then merged with AGC Credit Union in 2014 to create Horizon Credit Union. Boling also worked to introduce many of the innovations customers now see as commonplace to Horizon Credit Union, including debit cards and credit union-owned ATMs.

The credit union industry and the local community have also benefited greatly from Boling’s desire to help others. She served on the Tennessee Credit Union League Board and in the Upper East Tennessee Chapter of Credit Unions. Currently, she volunteers her time and expertise as Treasurer of the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Kingsport and Chairman of the Mount Carmel Block Party.

When Boling started at the credit union, she was the second full-time employee ever. Now, she leaves Horizon Credit Union in the hands of a tenured, capable team of people.

Mark Drinnon, currently Chief Operating Officer, has been named by the Horizon Credit Union Board of Directors as Boling’s successor. He will assume the role of President/CEO on October 1. Drinnon has been with Horizon Credit Union since 2013 and brings over 40 years of experience in the lending and compliance fields to his new role.

Dee Dee Baker, who was hired by Boling herself, has served in many positions in her 33 years at Horizon Credit Union and continues in her current role of Chief Financial Officer. She will assist Drinnon with decisions and directions, and provide guidance with investments, financial planning and more, so that the credit union can continue to grow and serve its members.

Carrie Bowman rounds out the management team. She has been with Horizon Credit Union for 28 years and continues in her position as Branch Operations Manager and Bank Secrecy Act Officer, overseeing all branches, staffing and operations.

“The legacy that Beverly has built will continue, and we have faith in Mark, Dee Dee and Carrie to lead us into the future,” said Cynthia Humphrey, Horizon Credit Union Board of Directors Chair. “The board and staff wish Beverly much happiness in her retirement and thank her for her leadership for the last 42 years.”

After she retires, Boling will embark on a life of adventure and exploration. Her plans include boarding a catamaran with Mr. Dana and sailing to the Caribbean, Fiji and beyond.

Make plans to join us for lunch at the Horizon Credit Union Branch for the official sendoff. WTFM will be there for a live remote and we’ll have free lunch served in the parking lot from our favorite food truck – ‘Lil Delights’.



2020 – A Year In The Rear View

To say that 2020 was challenging for Horizon Credit Union would be an understatement.   As the Federal, State and local governments struggled to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, HCU worked diligently to serve our Members while maintaining the health of our staff and Membership.  In March of 2020, the credit union shut down branch lobbies and implemented “drive-thru services” only to Members.  HCU opened lobbies back up on May 18th, 2020.

The Cares Act Stimulus Payments enacted by the Federal Government to stimulate the economy had a significant impact on total deposits and assets of HCU.  Total Member deposits increased by $6,129,618 and our total assets increased by $5,179,892.

June 1, 2020 was conversion day for HCU and our Membership.  HCU successfully converted to Sharetec Data Processing Platform.  Change is never easy and without problems, but now that we are on the other side and things are running smoothly, we are very happy with the new products and services we can offer our Members.  As a small credit union in a fast-paced transaction environment, convenience and technology are important to maintaining and attracting Members.  

Horizon Credit Union was audited by the CPA firm Pershing, Yokely and Associates (PYA) CPA firm.  Three internal audits as well as the annual audit were complete in 2019.  There were no significant findings and in their opinion, the books and records of Horizon Credit Union are accurately represented. The 2020 audit is now underway.  

With a renewed conviction of our original strategy that began in 1932, HCU is dedicated to serving our Membership and potential Membership with personal service that stays in our hometowns of East Tennessee and Southwest Virginia, within our 100-mile radius.  HCU is small enough to know Members by name and family association, our only reason for being in existence is to serve our Members and help them purchase vehicles, homes and to make that process easy and enjoyable.  HCU will serve you when planning your new home purchase to saving for retirement.  Our commitment to you is sincere.  Thank you for supporting your hometown local credit union for the last 89 years.  Serving Members since 1932.