Protect Yourself From Holiday Credit Card Fraud

With the holidays coming up, it is essential to be careful when using credit cards for transactions. 

There has recently been an uptick in fraud that involves Google® and Microsoft® along with Walmart® Grocery. 

Fraudsters are moving from single card fraud to multiple card fraud. Through the use of Social Engineering, the fraudsters gather more information resulting in more fraud to their victims. 

To safeguard your finances during the holidays, here are reminders from Horizon Credit Union.

  • Only use legitimate sites when shopping online
  • Always use a secure network
  • Be leery of skimmers (devices inserted into card readers)
  • Limit what information you share online
  • Always review and check your statements and credit reports
  • Ensure cardholders have correct contact information with the financial institution
  • Use different passwords on their financial websites, social media apps and mobile devices
  • Watch mailbox and shred pre-approved offers for credit

Be careful when using credit cards online and in public, and have a safe and Merry Christmas from Horizon Credit Union.