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Welcome home, Sousa family! Home ownership becomes a reality, thanks to Horizon!

Buying a home is a dream for many people. Often a person might think that a dream home is
unattainable or that the paperwork and process would be so stressful and difficult that it might not ever
happen.The Sousa family was able to purchase its dream home in Kingsport at the first of this year. Not only was

The Sousa family was able to purchase its dream home in Kingsport at the first of this year. Not only was
the home a dream fulfilled, but the process went like a dream thanks to Horizon Credit Union.

Originally from Rhode Island, the Sousa family came to Kingsport from Texas to help their daughter-in-law
and “little light of their lives” granddaughter while their son was deployed in the army about nine
years ago. They loved being near their family, the milder weather and the affordability of Kingsport so
they decided to make it home.

William Sousa, who is retired from the United States Marine Corps, found employment in the area and
so did his wife Deborah. They put down roots in the community and established a relationship with First
Kingsport Credit Union. Soon it transitioned to Horizon Credit Union.

“The change-over was very easy. We got our new cards in just three days,” says Deborah Sousa.

What do the Sousas love about Horizon Credit Union? Besides their low or no banking account fees, they like their convenient locations in downtown Kingsport and on North Eastman Road.

“Their staff is very friendly and knowledgeable,” Deborah explains. “They call us by name when they wait on us.”

And when the Sousas were the unfortunate victims of a fraudulent charge on their account, the staff at Horizon helped them straighten it out immediately.

“They call us if there is any question of fraud especially when we are traveling to other states,” says

After renting for more than eight years, Horizon Credit Union Director of Mortgage Lending Vicky Fields
asked the Sousas if they had thought about buying a home. After discussing the possibility of a Veterans’
Administration Home Loan, the Sousas started house-hunting. In December of 2016, they found the
home they wanted – it turned out to be the first house they looked at.

“I could not believe how easy it was thanks to Vicky Fields at Horizon Credit Union. It took only a 30-
day turnaround to close, the paperwork process was simple and we got a really low interest rate on our
mortgage loan,” says Deborah Sousa.

She adds, “In January, we were in our new home and I was able to do anything I wanted to do to the
walls because they were our walls so I added some color.” That was a nice change for the Sousas who
had been renting and had always lived in military housing where it is usually frowned upon to paint.
The Sousa family’s dream became a reality with the help of Horizon Credit Union. They now own their
own home and have been joined by two other sons who have also moved to the Tri-Cities area.

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